Investing in Court Innovations

Court Innovations is working with the talented team at Netcapital to offer equity investment under the new SEC approved Jobs Act by way of a 4(a)(6) offering. Netcapital is an SEC authorized funding portal that gives investors a say in the companies that are building the future and entrepreneurs a way to fund their growing business.

Court Innovations expands access to the courts to all citizens.  With its Matterhorn product, anyone can use a mobile phone or computer to resolve and negotiate infractions and lesser misdemeanors, such as traffic violations, or file a small claims civil case. For courts, Matterhorn’s online case resolution saves time, resources and money, ultimately leading to increased efficiency. Cases are turned around faster – in days versus weeks or months.

Court Innovation is currently in 20 courts in Michigan and Ohio and we are expanding nationwide.  Funding is an important part of our Matterhorn expansion plan as we work with courts to increase access to justice across the nation. 

How do I invest in Court Innovations?

View all the details and invest at Netcapital.

Contact the Court Innovations Team

For questions on investing or if you are a court, prosecutor or law enforcement and want to learn more about Matterhorn by Court Innovations, email us at