Matterhorn allows courts to handle large volumes of infractions, disputes, warrants and other cases – all online.


Why courts use Matterhorn: our outcomes.


Almost 40% of citizens say they couldn’t have come to court in person.

Case Closure

Courts’ average days to case close dropped from 50 days to 17 days.

Fines & Fees

92% collected within 30 days, compared with just 51% before.


Fewer than 2% of cases default, compared with 21%.


Online resolution results in 22% fewer in-person hearings.

Staff time

Less than half an hour of combined staff time, compared with 2.5 hours before.

A Word From the Courts ...

  • "The Court Innovations Team has been very responsive to our needs and always willing to improve the user experience for our litigants and court staff."
    Kevin McKay
    Court Administrator 63rd District Court
  • "The goal of this platform is to make the process easier for everyone: the citizen, the law enforcement agency and the court while at the same time it ensure that citizens/defendants are able to access the courts and receive a fair opportunity to have their issue addressed without having to come to court physically."
    Nadezda Stojcevska
    16th District Court Administrator
  • "The Court was a little tentative about doing online mediation but the whole team from Court innovations has been fantastic and very good at addressing our concerns and explaining the process - We would highly recommend the Matterhorn Online Mediation application."
    Michelle Marcero
    1st District Court Administrator
  • "Court Innovations has been a wonderful addition to our customer service efforts. Unlike other vendors, the team responds immediately to answer our questions. They not only are open to our ideas for new services but present options to us as well. We couldn't be happier with their product and I can't say enough about how great the staff is."
    Shirley Beeman
    74th District Court Administrator
  • "My feelings are --if people are going out of their way to contact us, then they do really want to resolve the issue and by and large, for the most part, we will probably reschedule the hearing ."

    Tanya Todd
    61st District Court Clerk
  • "It seems to be a win-win-win for all the participants. Processes that used to take whole days now take only minutes."

    Robert Ciolek
    Court Administrator, Michigan 14A District Court
  • "...A lot of people who work or go to school or never had issues with the law can go online and resolve their case without ever having to come into court, including paying for it online."

    Hon. Dawn A. Klida
    Michigan 74th District Court
  • "...The way budgets are these days, the police do not have to show up, which means they can do it from their office if they have to do anything. It eliminates the court time which means we don’t have to put that on our docket. And it also frees up time for the magistrate, of course."

    Hon. Thomas Truesdell
    Michigan 14A District Court
  • "Currently those with civil infractions are getting an initial court date on average of 21 days; with Matterhorn, from date of ticket issuance through to closing of the ticket is averaging 6.1 days."

    Hon. Brigette Officer-Hill
    Michigan 30th District Court
  • "Matterhorn not only improves the process of resolving a warrant, it alleviates the fears that people might have about coming to court to do so, and getting arrested."

    Hon. Dawn A. Klida
    Chief Judge, Michigan 74th District Court
  • "Matterhorn’s online platform has improved what was an inefficient process that was leading to a backlog of cases in the courtroom and a general sense of dissatisfaction with the courts in the community."

    Hon. Dawn A. Klida
    Chief Judge, Michigan 74th District Court
  • "Online ticket review helps to make the justice system more accessible and convenient for the public. The system also saves time for judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement, making our justice system more efficient."

    Hon. Robert P. Young
    former Chief Justice, Michigan Supreme Court
  • "Going to court is stressful enough, let alone having to miss work. Online ticket review takes the stress out and helps to resolve the case more quickly and efficiently. That’s good news for both the public and the courts."

    Hon. Bridget McCormick
    Supreme Court Justice

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About Matterhorn

Matterhorn allows courts to handle many high-volume infractions completely online, saving citizens and courts time and money. Rather than limiting judicial or law enforcement discretion, Matterhorn enables decision-makers to resolve cases more efficiently and equitably. Its 24/7 access and education component empowers defendants to work with the court to resolve minor violations informally, and at a convenient time.

Matterhorn online dispute resolution is configurable Software as a Service (SaaS). Courts can choose the modules that fit their needs, and Matterhorn is flexible and customizable to the processes and needs of each court.

Matterhorn is from Court Innovations, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Court Innovations is a spin out from the University of Michigan Law School.

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