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Matterhorn allows courts and agencies to handle large volumes of infractions, disputes, warrants and other cases—all online.

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Matterhorn is used by a range of courts and agencies, from large to small, urban to rural and decentralized to unified.

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With Matterhorn, you provide access to travelers, students, workers, the military, or anyone who cannot attend in-person.

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Matterhorn at IJIS Symposium February 7, 2018

Matterhorn’s MJ Cartwright will present at this year’s IJIS National Symposium. The symposium will be held February 6-9, 2018 in Arlington, Virginia. The IJIS Institute is a nonprofit organization focused on mission-critical information sharing and innovative technologies for the Justice community. The theme of the symposium is “bringing the public and private sectors together to accelerate technology innovation.”

IJIS Institute National Symposium announcement

Coming to a Trial Court Near You: Online Dispute Resolution and Modular Approaches to Court Applications

Online dispute resolution is the fast-growing, innovative use of technology to settle disputes between parties. Courts are moving from court-connected proceedings to facilitating internet-based negotiation, mediation and arbitration as stand-alone approaches or to augment traditional proceedings. In another step forward, courts are moving toward component model that promotes a modular approach to court applications.


  • Moderator: Joe Wheeler, Senior Partner/CEO, MTG Management Consultants
  • Paul Embley, CIO, National Center for State Courts (NCSC)
  • MJ Cartwright, President, Court Innovations
  • Jim Harris, Principal Court Management Consultant, National Center for State Courts (NCSC)
  • Kevin Bowling, Trial Court Administrator, 20th Judicial Circuit of Michigan

Come join the discussion on Wednesday, February 7 between 2:30 and 3:30 PM.

Register for the symposium at the IJIS institute website. Registration is free of charge for government employees.

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Very easy to use and helps me a lot. If this wasn't available there is no way I would have the time to come in and have a court date. Time away from work is a no-go.

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It was very easy to use especially seeing I was going out of town.

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The website was GREAT! Extremely timely and I was really amazed that an actual person responded....THANK YOU for this great opportunity!!

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More courts should have this option to lessen the wait time it would normally take if having to go to court. Excellent service to have! Thank you again for having it.

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This is a very helpful action for those of us that are safe drivers and made a mistake.

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The website was very easy to understand and so convenient. I could check it every day to see if the status had changed and what action I would have to do.

What a great way to save time and money--for court and the client!

About Matterhorn

Matterhorn is secure, private online dispute resolution for courts and government agencies. Our customers include district, municipal, traffic, family, circuit, criminal courts and more.

Matterhorn can match or streamline on your existing process and connects in a lightweight way with your other systems.

Matterhorn enables you to address a wide variety of case types including civil cases (such as small claims cases) and family court compliance, traffic tickets, civil infractions, and lesser misdemeanors (“Class C” Misdemeanors in some states), resolve warrants and pleas, and assess ability to pay.