2019 International ODR Forum Highlights

The 2019 International ODR Forum highlighted the advancements, adoption and impact of ODR across the US and the world.  Kudos to The National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution and the National Center for State Courts for pulling together a powerful, informative lineup including:


  • Alex Sanchez of the Franklin County Ohio Municipal Court took us through his court’s ODR civil case benchmarks and metrics. Alex is the earliest adopter of ODR for civil cases in the US courts and continues to realize positive results from ODR over the past 3 years.
  • Profs. Orna Rabinovich-Einy and Avital Mentovich of the University of Haifa highlighted their recent research on the impact of ODR on bias for court cases. Their impressive findings will be published within the next month.
  • Catherine Clarich and Nicole LaConte of the Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts along with Tracy McElroy of Pinal County Conciliation Court summarized their early implementation and adoption of ODR in Family Law Cases.
  • Jim Harris of National Center for State Courts along with MJ Cartwright of Matterhorn by Court Innovations emphasized the importance and benefits of ODR Technical Standards for courts and their stakeholders.
  • Meghan O’Neil of the University of Michigan Law School Empirical Legal Studies Center highlighted how ODR and Ability to Pay initiatives assist courts in working with their lower income populations.
  • Maximilian Bulinski, an ODR researcher working with Prof. J.J. Prescott of the University of Michigan, highlighted some of the societal effects of using ODR in state and municipal courts.

Matterhorn’s expanding ODR initiatives with courts and mediators continues to lead the way with powerful, measurable outcomes and results.  We are proud of our customers active involvement as they increase access to justice and the research community’s continuing initiatives in measuring the impact of ODR initiatives for all stakeholders

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