Online Amnesty at the 31st District Court through March 2018

Update! Amnesty Program Extended until April 15, 2018.

Owe money to the 31st District court? Not sure? Well, now is a great time to check online because the 31st District Court will hold a fine and fee amnesty. People who owe the court for fines and fees associated with civil infractions may be eligible for a break on what they owe if they pay before April 15, 2018. 

From the court website:

The program provides individuals an opportunity to settle outstanding court financial obligations while saving money.  Included in the Amnesty Program are all payable parking and traffic civil infraction tickets issued within the City of Hamtramck. In order to take advantage of the Amnesty, the tickets must be paid in full; there are no payment plans.

This online amnesty program is timed to let people take advantage of their tax returns to clear back due amounts with the court. The 31st District Court already offered online ticket negotiation as an alternative to appearing in person to discuss a traffic ticket with the City Attorney. They also allow people to resolve past due accounts online. Now, the court has added an amnesty option for March, offering a break for those who pay in full.

The 31st District Court has been a pioneer in increasing access to the court via technology. Their online process is the same as what would happen inside the courthouse, except members of the public can interact with the court via a convenient online platform from anywhere and on any device. The online ticket review, past due, and online amnesty programs are powered by Matterhorn. 

Matterhorn’s CEO MJ Cartwright says,

“Judge Krot and the staff at the 31st District Court are leading the way in providing access to justice in the Detroit area, Michigan, and the US. We’re proud to work closely with this pioneering court to make justice easier to access for the people of Hamtramck.”

Members of the public can check their status online to see 1) if they owe anything and 2) find out what they can save in March and April. Check your status at the court’s online resolution website here.

Want to offer amnesty in your court? Learn more about online amnesty with Matterhorn and be in touch!

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