The 46th District Court Expands Online Ticket Resolution

People who park in Southfield, as well as Lathrup Village, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin, Michigan now have the opportunity to resolve their parking tickets more quickly and efficiently online.

Instead of having to go to court, individuals can access the 46th District Court using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. People now possess the ability to address current parking tickets 24-7, from anywhere, at anytime.

“The 46th District Court is always searching for new ways to make access to justice easier and more convenient for our citizens. The Court takes pride in being a leader in efficiency, in streamlining processes and transitioning into a 21st century court through the use of technology. As a result, citizens can now negotiate, resolve and pay their parking tickets from the comfort of their homes, at whatever time they choose.

“Citizens no longer have to take valuable time from work, school or other obligations to wait in line or worry about arranging transportation to and from a court hearing. Online parking ticket resolution is a ‘win-win’ for both citizens and the Court, as less time is spent at court by citizens and the Court spends less resources in adjudicating and processing parking tickets. The Court is pleased to be able to offer this to our citizens.” 

Honorable Shelia R. Johnson, Chief Judge of the 46th District Court

Resolve Tickets Online

The online platform allows people to submit their explanation online as if they were at court. Individuals also have the ability to upload files, such as a photo. From there, a judge or magistrate determines next steps, including reducing and accessing fines that individuals can pay online. Throughout the process, people receive email and text message updates on the status of their case.

The online platform is powered by Matterhorn, software originated in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Access to Justice Expands in Southfield 

The 46th District Court implemented the use of online dispute resolution (ODR) for Traffic Tickets and Warrants with Matterhorn in September 2016. Since the launch, over 900 people have submitted requests through the Court’s online resolution platform.

Now, the Court continues their commitment to expand access to the people of Southfield by offering Online Parking Ticket Resolution.

Congratulations to Chief Judge Shelia R. Johnson and the entire staff of the 46th District Court for their dedication to increase fairness and efficiency in their community.

“We’re pleased to power what the 46th District Court has already achieved with online traffic ticket resolution and what they will achieve with parking ticket resolution. Congratulations to the team at the 46th District Court for increasing access to the court!”

MJ Cartwright, Matterhorn CEO

Have a parking ticket in Southfield, Michigan that needs to be resolved You can determine your eligibility at the 46th District Court’s online resolution site here.

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