ABA Report on ODR in the United States

The American Bar Association (ABA) Center for Innovation surveyed the court-annexed online dispute resolution (ODR) platforms available through the end of 2019. They shared the report via their website. The report features several Matterhorn courts.

The report defines Online Dispute Resolution as “the use of technology to settle disputes between parties.” And lists the benefits of ODR as removing barriers to access.

Highlights of the report include a nationwide catalog and map of courts, as well as a look at the time of each launch (interactive visualization) and the case types covered in ODR systems.

Map of ODR in the United States (2014-2019)

There’s a map in the report which links out to an interactive, online map here. In this version you can hover over locations on the map to learn more about each court’s system.

On the map, you might notice that Michigan has the most online courts of any state. According to the report, Michigan had 31 court-annexed ODR platforms available at the end of 2019.

The Michigan courts include one of the earliest launches of court-annexed ODR in the US – the Michigan 74th District Court. The other court in that initial launch in 2014 (which was overlooked in the report) was the Michigan 14A District Court. The map documents other Matterhorn implementations in other states as well.

At the time of this writing, Matterhorn is in use by over 110 courts in 20 states. We are proud to have provided the technology for leaders in increasing access.

Case Types for ODR in the United States

The ABA report reviews the case types available in the ODR systems. Court-annexed ODR systems in the US span cases that are

  • state vs. the individual (e.g. traffic cases, warrant cases) and
  • individual vs. individual (e.g. small claims, divorce).

More of the courts in the report had state vs. individual cases, although the number and proportion of civil case oriented systems are growing year over year.

Matterhorn is proud to power each of the case types listed in the report.

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