Our Team

We believe our nation’s justice system deserves the best technology available to achieve its mission of administering justice with fairness, equality, and integrity. Today’s courts, law enforcement officers, and prosecuting offices are busier than ever. We want to help make their jobs easier, faster, and ever more successful. Our bottom line: making a positive difference in today’s legal system for both the courts and the public. We believe in what we do and we’re excited to share our vision with you.

Photo of Mohammad Almoayyad

Mohammad Almoayyad – Customer Implementation

“Computer programming is an art, because it applies accumulated knowledge to the world, because it requires skill and ingenuity, and especially because it produces objects of beauty.”

Donald Knuth

Mohammad has decades of experience in Software Engineering, IT Management and Product Development. He helped many software startups with creating their products from scratch and guide their development and growth strategies. Mohammad is passionate about projects with a focus on the wellbeing of humanity.

a photo of Casey Geimer

Casey Geimer – Customer Implementation

“Data are summaries of thousands of stories – tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful.“

Dan Heath

Casey has almost two decades of various IT roles, a degree in Software Management and a background in Digital Forensics. His past of working with litigants and courts to explain technical issues drives a desire for efficient ODR experiences. Casey’s always up for a hike along the unbeaten path, or jumbalaya that his wife, kids and dogs all agree is too spicy.

a photo of Brian Harper

Brian Harper – Customer Implementation

“Let’s improve our judicial systems together.”


Brian has traveled the globe implementing software and hardware systems for both on-premise and cloud-based server solutions. He is excited to share the Matterhorn product and deliver a tailored solution for your judicial system. Brian says “yes” to challenges whether it is related to a video game or a race to summit a mountain.

A photo of Ben Howden

Ben Howden – Technology

“… with proper design, the features come cheaply. This approach is arduous, but continues to succeed.”

Dennis Ritchie

“What’s your beef, cheese fry?”


Ben leads software development for the Matterhorn ODR platform. He has strong experience across multiple programming languages, platforms, and approaches to the software development life cycle. He was an Eagle Scout back in the day, too.

A photo of Mike Losey

Mike Losey – Customer Success

“I find inspiration all around me from the passionate team at Court Innovations to the citizens and courts that we bring together online.”


Mike is responsible for ensuring customers receive the support and guidance needed to leverage the Matterhorn Platform. Mike brings over 15 years of customer operations, sales, and account management experience from the digital media space and data management startup companies.

Mike Losey cartoon
Photo of Nate Szelag

Nate Szelag – Developer

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.”

Alan Moore

Nate has strong experience in graphic design and customer service. He is passionate about being a part of a diverse team to create a meaningful application that benefits all people. When he isn’t coding, he spends time with his family, goes on random adventures, and finds interesting things to photograph. You could also call him a coffee junkie.

Cartoon of Nate in a coffee pot
photo of Amber Schroeder

Amber Schroeder – Implementation

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Wayne Gretzky

Amber is an Implementation Specialist with an extensive background in software support.  She is excited to work with Matterhorn customers to deliver accessible and efficient ODR technology.

Amber Schroeder cartoon
Photo of a mountain goat

Axel Oreamnos – Remover of Obstacles

“I like to ram my horns against obstacles and blaze new trails. I also like new friends.”


Axel heads our horns and hijinks department. Axel loves to spend time in new pastures, scale new heights, and herd with other forward thinkers who love tech and service. He also has a softer, cuddlier side, and shepherds team morale.

cartoon of a goat