Our Team

We believe our nation’s justice system deserves the best technology available to achieve its mission of administering justice with fairness, equality, and integrity. Today’s courts, law enforcement officers, and prosecuting offices are busier than ever. We want to help make their jobs easier, faster, and ever more successful.

Our bottom line: making a positive difference in today’s legal system for both the courts and the public. We believe in what we do and we’re excited to share our vision with you.

MJ Cartwright - CEO

MJ speaks at #RiseofRest in Ann Arbor, MI

"Growing a business that enables millions of people to access justice who were unable to do so before."

MJ leads the Matterhorn team to make meaningful, usable, and fair solutions that expand online and mobile access to our courts for all people: “go to court” without going to court.

Prior to Court Innovations, she has been the CEO at CNC Connections, Arbor Ultrasound, Edington Associates, and ViaDerm. She has been on the executive and transition teams at HealthMedia acquired by Johnson & Johnson.


J.J. Prescott - Founder

J.J. speaks on Matterhorn at the MAMA meeting, summer 2017

“I wanted to use what I have to make the world a better place. I believe Matterhorn does that.”

J.J. Prescott is a Professor of Law at the University of Michigan. He is the principal investigator of the UM Online Court Project, which uses technology to help people facing warrants, fines, and minor charges resolve their disputes with the government and courts online and without the need to hire an attorney. The UM Online Court Project was the inspiration for Matterhorn by Court Innovations.


Teri Benedetti - Product Engineering

Teri demos Matterhorn at a conference

"I like that we are leveling the judicial playing field. We care about people and work to empower those who don't have the resources to overcome legal difficulties."

Teri came to Court Innovations with a background in customer service and engineering. She is very enthusiastic, nuts about data, and loves helping courts expand access to justice. When she isn't talking to courts she enjoys being handy, learning about everything, and exploring nature with her dogs.


Brian Derickson - Implementation

Brian and Axel

"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality."

Brian is an alumnus from the University of Michigan with a passion for innovation and public service. Brian enjoys working hands-on with our customers to deliver ODR solutions that reflect offline procedures and increase access in the communities they serve to resolve outstanding matters.

Dunrie Greiling - Product Strategy

Dunrie graduates from Washtenaw Sheriff's Citizen Police Academy

"Using my powers for good!"

Dunrie leads Matterhorn product and market strategy. She loves telling the story of the benefits of Matterhorn ODR (increasing access, fairness, efficiencies, customer service, enforcement). She leads the product roadmap planning and design activities with a collaborative style and strong user experience background.

Ritu Gupta - Implementation

Ritu at the office

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
--Saint Francis of Assisi

Ritu works with our customer courts, agencies, and mediation centers. Her attention to detail and clear communications serve our customers and their customers, the public. She has considerable process improvement experience and earned her Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt.

Ben Howden - Technology

Ben with the 15th District Court in the background

“... with proper design, the features come cheaply. This approach is arduous, but continues to succeed.”
-- Dennis Ritchie

"What's your beef, cheese fry?"
-- Ben Howden

Ben leads software development for the Matterhorn ODR platform. He has strong experience across multiple programming languages, platforms, and approaches to the software development life cycle. He was an Eagle Scout back in the day, too.

Mike Losey - Customer Success

Mike Losey at a conference

"I find inspiration all around me from the passionate team at Court Innovations to the citizens and courts that we bring together online."

Mike is responsible for ensuring customers receive the support and guidance needed to leverage the Matterhorn Platform. Mike brings over 15 years of customer operations, sales, and account management experience from the digital media space and data management startup companies.

Andy Mohr - Marketing

Mike Losey at a conference

"Nice matters."

Andy came to Court Innovations with a background in marketing, small business management, and customer service. He is passionate about social justice and the efforts to improve access to justice for all people. Andy loves working with people and finding the best ways to assist them in order to make their lives more enjoyable. Outside of the office, Andy loves spending time in nature with his wife and two rescue dogs.

Axel Oreamnos - Remover of Obstacles

Axel in his natural habitat

"I like to ram my horns against obstacles and blaze new trails. I also like new friends."

Axel heads our horns and hijinks department. Axel loves to spend time in new pastures, scale new heights, and herd with other forward thinkers who love tech and service. He also has a softer, cuddlier side, and shepherds team morale.