Arizona Court Offers ODR for Civil Debt Cases

Until today, most people who were part of a civil debt case in Maricopa County, Arizona had to go to court to resolve their matter. While that option remains, people can now participate in civil debt proceedings from their personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County Offers ODR for Civil Debt Cases

Resolve Civil Debt Cases 24-7, from Anywhere

Parties now have the flexibility to address their civil debt cases with the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County 24-7, from anywhere.

“A civil debt case is one in which the defendant has allegedly failed to pay another party and owes a debt.”

Excerpt from FAQ on the Maricopa County Superior Court’s ODR site

Furthermore, parties with eligible cases now have an option to resolve their cases online ahead of future proceedings. If parties fail to reach an agreement online, they go through the standard court process to resolve their cases.

Improved Outcomes for Defendants

In addition, the option for online dispute resolution has improved outcomes for defendants in other locations. If defendants do not show up for their hearings, the court may find against them.

Therefore, by giving people the option to participate online, parties have the ability to engage in negotiations to resolve their cases, including the ability to upload supporting documents. By increasing access, ODR outcomes better reflect the participation of all parties.

Arizona Committed to Enhance Access to Justice

Online access for civil debt cases is part of a larger effort within Arizona to enhance access to justice through online dispute resolution (ODR). Other recent launches of online dispute resolution projects in Arizona include ODR for child support compliance cases in Maricopa County, ODR for legal decision-making and parenting time disputes in the Superior Court of Arizona in Yuma County, and the ability to enter into plea agreements at Scottsdale City Court.

Matterhorn ODR powers each of these initiatives in Arizona and allows people to communicate with other parties in the proceedings, from anywhere on any device. Parties sign agreements digitally online in Maricopa County and then the system electronically files their agreements with the court.

Congratulations to Court Administrator Keith B. Kaplan and the entire staff of the Maricopa County Superior Court for extending access to justice in Arizona.

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