Fall 2017 Washtenaw Citizen Police Academy

Matterhorn team members complete Citizen Police Academy

Police officers are an important stakeholder in Matterhorn online traffic ticket resolution. Police review and make recommendations on requests for review and leniency.

A couple of Matterhorn team members have completed the Citizen Police Academy near them. Attending these classes helps us better understand the work days and concerns of our police agency partners.

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Milestone: Matterhorn reaches 25K Transactions

As of November, 2017, courts and the public have used Matterhorn online dispute resolution for over 25,000 cases and transactions.

That’s thousands of

  • averted hearings for family court and small claims,
  • restored drivers licenses
  • resolved parking and traffic tickets,
  • prevented and resolved warrants,
  • online pleas,
  • and online amnesty events

resolved through Matterhorn. Thank you to our team, our court customers, investors, and partners who have made this milestone happen.

Best Practice: Promote your Court’s ODR Program

If you build it, will they come? Sure, but if you promote your court’s ODR, they’ll come faster.

Your court worked with Matterhorn to launch your online dispute resolution (ODR) site because you sought to increase access to justice. In order for ODR to reduce wait times and hassle for your community and your staff, your ODR site needs to be found and used.

Promote Your Court’s ODR on Social Media

Community outreach is key to propel your court’s ODR efforts. The 30th District Court in Highland Park, Michigan, is an excellent example of strong community engagement.
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Friend of the Court in Jackson County Now Offers Matterhorn

Congratulations to the Jackson County Friend of the Court for launching Matterhorn Online Family Court Platform.  Sara Hodits, Director Friend of the Court, and Rachel Vaughn-Ratliff, Program Director, have increased access for their clients at the 4th Judicial Circuit of Michigan.

Learn more about Matterhorn’s proven family court outcomes.

Here’s more information on Jackson County Friend of the Court.