Video: Frictionless delivery of legal services

In the late fall of 2016, MJ Cartwright spoke at the Law Lab at Illinois Tech in Chicago (announcement). She presented at the conference “Toward the Frictionless Delivery of Law”.

Cartwright’s talk was on online dispute resolution for courts. She shared the rationale for going to court online and demonstrated the software-as-a-service Matterhorn.

“There are so many types of cases that can be handled…We can really work with defendants on dealing with this in areas of civil infractions, misdemeanors, just simple non-moving violations…

“Dealing with outstanding warrants, how do you get that warrant lifted so that you can go on with your life and you can actually go into court to follow up on other activities without fear of being jailed?

Amnesty programs – take advantage of those without waiting on long, long lines to settle your case.

Prevention – How do you actually deal with your case that has been defaulted and you don’t want a warrant?…

“How do you deal with a license suspended? How do you get it back?

“How do you deal with court orders?…How do you work with the courts to make sure that you’re fine on your child support payments at the same time working with the court to make sure it follows the orders but gives a little bit of flexibility when life happens.

“And Small Claims….dealing on the civil side of court, you don’t have to go into court for dealing with some of the issues around small claims. “

All conference presentations are available at The Law Lab channel.

Online Traffic Ticket Review now in Garden City, MI

The Michigan 21st District Court now offers online traffic ticket review and resolution with Matterhorn. The 21st District Court is located at 6000 Middlebelt Road, Garden City, MI 48135.

Visit the online traffic ticket website for Garden City:

Chief Judge Richard Hammer, Court Administrator Kristin Remer, and the Garden City Police Department have increased public access to justice with Matterhorn.

Matterhorn’s 24/7 online access has helped courts, police agencies, and the public communicate, save time, and achieve faster resolutions. Read our case studies.

Saskatchewan Access to Justice Week

Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan has proclaimed October 16-21 the second annual access to justice week in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Saskatchewan Access to Justice (SK A2J) events include a

  • a pop-up presentation on the rights of persons with disabilities,
  • a town hall on the future of legal services provision,
  • a “spin for access to justice” fundraiser,
  • a volunteer appreciation event,
  • a free legal resource event,
  • and more.

Most activities will be held live in different locales within Saskatchewan. You can follow coverage on the the Law Society of Saskatchewan’s Blog, Legal Sourcery.

Online A2J Events

A few SK A2J events are online and accessible from anywhere. Online events include livestreamed panels from the Saskatchewan Access to Legal Information Conference. Registration is required for the livestream – see more on the SK A2J site.

Read the entire schedule of events on the SK A2J Week site.

Video: Online Dispute Resolution and the Courts from CTC

On September 12, Matterhorn customer Bob Ciolek presented on a panel on at the Court Technology Conference 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT. Ciolek is the Court Administrator for Michigan’s District Court 14A in Washtenaw County. He spoke on Online Dispute Resolution and the Courts.

The Michigan 14A District Court has resolved over 1,200 traffic and warrant cases online.

Ciolek shared the podium with

  • Shannon Salter, Chair, British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal
  • Melisse Stiglich, Project Manager, Utah Court System, and
  • David Slayton, Administrative Director, Texas Office of Court Administration

Ciolek spoke about what he and his court have been able to achieve with Matterhorn. If you want to skip ahead to his presentation, please go to the 35-minute mark.

View the video presentation here (link will open in new window).

Online Dispute Resolution: Coming to a Trial Court Near You – at NAPCO

Matterhorn is on the agenda at the National Association of Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers (NAPCO) and National Center for State Courts (NCSC) Court Leadership Conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

MJ Cartwright of Court Innovations will present with Paul Embley, Director of Technology Services, NCSC, on

Online Dispute Resolution: Coming to a Trial Court Near You

The presentation abstract

Online dispute resolution, a branch of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), is a fast-growing, innovative use a technology to settle disputes between parties. Courts are beginning to move from court-connected ADR proceedings to facilitating internet-based negotiation, mediation and arbitration either as stand-alone approaches or to augment more traditional, formal means of litigation. NCSC recently completed a report on the subject that provides insights for court leaders, and Court Innovations, a startup out of the University of Michigan Law School, has developed software that allows smartphone and computer users to resolve and negotiate infractions, petty misdemeanors, warrants, family court compliance, online pleas, or file a small claims civil case. Come and learn what tomorrow holds.

If you will attend NAPCO/NCSC, please join us at 9:45-10:45AM, Tuesday September 26, San Carlos Room.

The presentation slides

Here is the link to the presentation PDF (warning: large file)

Companies Partner to Deliver Innovation Inside and Out of the Courthouse

Scottsdale, Arizona—September 25, 2017

Our nation’s courts deserve a technology upgrade. Yet, optimizing court processes and taking them online is a huge undertaking that no single software can adequately accomplish. Today, two innovative suppliers of justice technologies have announced an alternative to outdated ‘big box’ court systems by partnering to deliver a portfolio of mission-specific court solutions.

equivant is a longstanding provider of court case management and justice integration platforms. Its CourtView and JWorks software are used by justice stakeholders nationwide to manage millions of transactions daily. Matterhorn by Court Innovations is an online dispute resolution (ODR) platform that leverages court case data to help citizens resolve ticket, warrant, family, and small claims matters without the hassles and cost of in-person hearings. The seamless integration of these products extends Matterhorn to communities across the U.S. and allows equivant to offer ODR as a pluggable component of its case management suite.

A customer of both companies, Franklin County Municipal Court, in Columbus, Ohio, uses both Court Innovations and equivant products. According to Alex Sanchez, Manager of the Small Claims Division and Dispute Resolution Department,

“Matterhorn provides the public with an online platform to resolve their disputes in a way that works for them while saving valuable court resources by encouraging case resolution prior to any trial date. Similarly, equivant’s CourtView CMS has increased our court’s efficiency with the implementation of e-filing, which allows court users to view and file documents online. These online systems have resulted in direct benefits to the public and our court.”

In August, Alex Sanchez accepted the Ohio State Bar Association’s 2017 Judicial Administration and Legal Reform Committee Innovative Court Practices Award on behalf of the Franklin County Municipal Court’s Online Dispute Resolution Program.

According to Jeffrey Harmon, equivant General Manager,

“We’re excited to combine best-of-breed solutions that deliver greater efficiencies and value for our courts and the public, nationally and internationally.”

MJ Cartwright, CEO of Court Innovations, agrees,

“We hear from courts that they want simplicity and ease-of-use for their own staff and for the public. The integration of Matterhorn with equivant’s software delivers just that. It’s a win-win-win for courts, their agency partners, and the public because it extends their reach online and streamlines court process.”

Both companies regularly participate in national forums to champion collaboration between court technology suppliers. They are active members of the IJIS Institute Court Advisory Committee and recently framed a panel at the 2017 Court Technology Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. They will exhibit at the National Association for Presiding Judges and Court Officers/National Center for State Courts leadership conference in Scottsdale, Arizona September 24-27 where Court Innovation’s Cartwright will co-present “Online Dispute Resolution: Coming to a Trial Court Near You”.

About equivant

equivant is based in Canton, Ohio with regional offices across the country. For over three decades it has delivered mission-critical technology to courts, public attorneys, and supervision officials with interoperable software components that address the operational needs of state and local justice agencies. equivant pursues its mission to deliver better outcomes to all who touch the justice system by investing in its staff and in modern technologies that help to inform decisions at every step. In addition to core case management systems, equivant can provide a full suite of complementary solutions including judicial tools, e-filing, e-payment, notifications, workflow, ODR, compliance monitoring, and more. For more information, visit

About Court Innovations

Court Innovations is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its product Matterhorn allows courts to handle many high-volume infractions completely online, saving citizens and courts time and money. Matterhorn is in over 30 courts in Michigan, Ohio, and Arkansas and has helped courts and citizens resolve over 20,000 tickets and disputes online. For more information, be sure to check out the research bulletin on “Online Dispute Resolution and the Courts” released by the Joint Technology Committee in collaboration with COSCA, NACM, and NCSC.

Matterhorn at CTC 2017 – Court Application Components

Today at the Court Technology Conference 2017 in Salt Lake City, equivant, Court Innovations, MTG Management Consulting, and the CIO at Los Angeles County Superior Court presented on court application components and collaboration.

The presentation focused on considerations of ownership, collaboration, and standards required to combine best-of-breed components rather than using the “one stop shop”/captured customer approach of yesteryear.


Matterhorn founder speaks on ODR at the MAMA annual meeting

Matterhorn founder and professor at the University of Michigan Law School, J.J. Prescott, spoke this afternoon at the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys Municipal Law Program.

His topic was the

University of Michigan Online Court Project Technology-Aided Access to Justice through Online Dispute Resolution

Judicial systems exist for societies to organize themselves around the rule of law. In order to achieve their social goals, courts need to be

  1. accessible,
  2. fair, and
  3. cost-effective.

American courts can be difficult to understand and use, especially for people without attorneys and those who cannot miss work or school, or who are unable to travel to attend a court hearing. Online dispute resolution allows citizens to interact with courts in a familiar manner via their personal devices. A technology-driven approach to public interaction with courts has the potential to improve access to justice and make courts better suited to the information age. Learn about the project and its planned outreach aimed at a nationwide scale-up of technology in courts to allow citizens 24/7 access to resolve minor legal matters online.

Online Dispute Resolution at Court Technology Conference 2017

Salt Lake City, Utah

This morning at the National Center for State Courts’ Court Technology Conference 2017, the session “Online Dispute Resolution and the Courts” features

  • Robert Ciolek, Court Administrator, 14A District Court—Washtenaw County
  • Shannon Salter, Chair of the British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal
  • Melisse Stiglich, Utah Court Systems

This presentation, moderated by David Slayton, Administrative Director, Texas Office of Court Administration, is part of the “User-Friendly Courts” track at the conference.

Melisse Stiglich shared about Utah’s small claims dispute resolution project. Shannon Salter said that the British Columbia Civil Resolution Tribunal is seeing high demand for digital small claims and condominium dispute services and demand outside of normal business hours.

Matterhorn customer Robert Ciolek shared updates and lessons learned from Michigan 14A District Court‘s experience with using Matterhorn for online traffic ticket resolution.

Highlights from the 14A experience with Matterhorn include

  • Time to case closure dropped by 65 percent
  • Less than 1 percent of cases default, compared with 22% outside of ODR.
  • In-person hearings reduced by ~100 hearings/month across six dockets
  • Fewer defaults, and
  • Quicker collections

You can read more about 14A District Court’s experience in our online traffic and warrant resolution case study in D14A.