A photo of a mountain with the number 6 superimposed on it.

Matterhorn is Six!

Six years ago today, Court Innovations launched. Founded at the University of Michigan Law School with Prof. J.J. Prescott, our mission has always been to support our courts with technology and to assist people with their court obligations. 

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Jackson Court Offers Online Warrant Amnesty through May

For Immediate Release – Jackson, Michigan

Do you know if you have warrant out for your arrest for failure to pay fines and costs or owe money to 12th District Court in Jackson, Michigan? The court is offering an amnesty on certain types of warrants through April and May. Act before May 31 to take advantage of this program. Check online to see if you can take advantage of this amnesty by visiting https://www.courtinnovations.com/MID12

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Franklin County Municipal Court assists more than 1,000 individuals and businesses via online dispute resolution

Columbus, Ohio – for immediate release 

The Franklin County Municipal Court launched an online platform to resolve income tax and small claims cases in the fall of 2016. Through the platform, people can access the court’s dispute resolution services online from anywhere via their personal mobile devices. As of March 2019, well over 1,000 people have used the platform to resolve over 1,000 cases online. 

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The 60th District Court in Muskegon, Michigan Launches ODR for Traffic Citations

For Immediate Release – Muskegon, Michigan

Motorists in Muskegon now have the opportunity to resolve traffic tickets online. The 60th District Court in Muskegon recently launched online dispute resolution (ODR) for civil infractions.

Instead of having to go to court, people can access the 60th District Court using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, 24/7, from anywhere, anytime.

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