Best Practice: Promote your Court’s ODR Program

If you build it, will they come? Sure, but if you promote your court’s ODR, they’ll come faster.

Your court worked with Matterhorn to launch your online dispute resolution (ODR) site because you sought to increase access to justice. In order for ODR to reduce wait times and hassle for your community and your staff, your ODR site needs to be found and used.

Promote Your Court’s ODR on Social Media

Community outreach is key to propel your court’s ODR efforts. The 30th District Court in Highland Park, Michigan, is an excellent example of strong community engagement.

Court Administrator Robynn Diamond consistently promotes the court’s ODR via social media outlets as Facebook and Twitter. For instance, the following post appeared on Thursday, October 27.

According to Diamond,

We make a concerted effort to disseminate information to the community regarding the ability for online negotiations.

This has included outreach through social media, to include our Facebook and Twitter pages.  This only seemed logical as we want to reach citizenry where they dwell, which includes technology.  I can recall one case where the citizen viewed the information through Facebook and after verification was ecstatic that she did not have to miss time off of work during her first week of her first teaching job to handle her civil infractions. We routinely post “flyers” on Facebook highlighting Court Innovations and how to resolve tickets online.

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Next Steps to Promote your Court’s ODR

Other best practices to promote your court’s ODR include:

  • Recording a message on your court’s phone tree about the online option
  • Hanging promotional posters in the court lobby, town hall, and around the community
  • Educating local businesses and faith-based organizations to get the word out
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