University of Michigan Research Poverty Solutions

The Research website for the University of Michigan showcased Court Innovations co-Founder J.J. Prescott and the ability-to-pay research he is conducting with Matterhorn and Michigan’s 31st District Court in Hamtramck.

University of Michigan Research: Targeting Poverty in the Courts with Professor J.J. Prescott and Court Innovations with Michigan’s 31st District Court in Hamtramck. Read more on the site.

30th District Court reaches 1K milestone

The Michigan 30th District Court in Highland Park, MI, reaches its 1,000 online case milestone. Congratulations to Chief Judge Brigette Officer-Hill for increasing access to justice in her community.

Visit the 30th District Court’s traffic ticket and warrant resolution website.

46th District Court rolls out online traffic case review

The Michigan 46th District Court in Southfield rolls out online case review.

According to Chief Judge Sheila Johnson,

“We have a lot of traffic here with the freeways, and so this is a wonderful opportunity for residents to solve traffic matters from the comfort of their home,” Johnson said. “This encourages people to not be fearful of the system, so they know they can resolve it from home and they know they won’t have an outstanding warrant if they get it taken care of.”

Read the full story on the C&G news website.


Traffic Tips for a Hassle Free July 4th Weekend

fireworksHeaded out of town for the holiday weekend? Before you pack the cooler and gas up your car, check out these five tips to maximize fun and minimize headaches on the road:

  1. Use a navigation app with traffic reports

Many smartphones come with a navigation app, but make sure yours has traffic reports available. Waze, a popular community-based navigation app, crowd sources the information from drivers on the road. The app can be used to easily report everything from traffic jams to car accidents and alerts users ahead of time so they can avoid the backup. Just be sure to stay off your phone while driving and have a passenger navigate the roads.

  1. Stay safe on the roads

With traffic at its peak, law enforcement will be out in full force patrolling to keep roads safe. We’re all in a hurry to get the weekend started, but avoid speeding and make sure to obey all traffic laws. Be extra cautious when driving in unfamiliar areas and construction zones. In the event that you do receive a ticket, more than a dozen courts across Michigan allow you to have your ticket reviewed for a lesser charge completely online. You can submit your statement just as if you were appearing in court. This is ideal if you’re an out-of-town driver who wants to avoid returning for a court date. Click here to see which courts offer this program.

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