Franklin County Ohio ODR and Mediation Data Project

Highlighted by Alex Sanchez at 2019 International ODR Forum, Williamsburg, VA Oct 28-30th

Alex Sanchez will present on how the Franklin County Municipal Court (FCMC), Ohio online dispute resolution (ODR) and Mediation Data Project provides online mediation and dispute resolution resources for the public. This program adds value and enhances transparency with court-connected mediation offerings.

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Coverage of the Michigan State Supreme Court’s Launch of MI-Resolve

The Michigan Supreme Court recently launched their MI-Resolve program which allows some individuals to resolve their civil or small claims cases online for free. The program’s online dispute resolution and mediation platform increases access to justice and is powered by Matterhorn.

The Detroit Free Press, WWMT Channel 3 West Michigan, and the Oakland County Legal News recently covered the launch of the MI-Resolve program.

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