Clinton County District Court in Michigan offers online traffic ticket mediation

Lansing State Journal, St. Johns – A new online ticket mediation system that allows a motorist to apply to have a ticket resolved without a court appearance is being offered by 65A District Court.

“For people with good driving records who made a simple driving mistake, it’s a great benefit to be able to resolve a ticket quickly and without having to take time off work,” said Judge Michael Clarizio.

“We are determined here to provide better service to our traffic customers by creating more efficiency and fairness within the system,” he said.

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The Philadelphia Citizen – A Day in Court without Leaving Home

America’s court system is a lot like its automobiles: If we were to redesign the whole thing from scratch with today’s technology, there’s no way we would create—let alone accept—something as inefficient, anachronistic, and harmful as what we have now. Much like Tesla is dragging the auto industry kicking and screaming into the future, a company out of Michigan called Court Innovations is pushing back against the unfathomable inefficiency of local courts with an online adjudication system called Matterhorn.

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Court has online program for tickets, warrants

The 46th District Court is pleased to offer online case review to citizens as a part of an initiative to expand access to justice.Parties may now resolve eligible traffic violations and warrants, through an online system.

“We recognize that taking time from work, school or other obligations to come to the courthouse can be frustrating, “said 46th District Court Chief Judge Shelia Johnson. “Now citizens can resolve tickets and warrants from the comfort of their own homes without taking time off from work or school or worrying about arranging for transportation.”

The online platform allows for communication between the citizen, the court and law enforcement by way of emails and text messages. There is no fee to use the system but the citizen will be charged transaction fees for financial transactions.

Motorists who have recently received a traffic violation in Southfield can visit to start the resolution process online.