Clayton County, Georgia, launches online traffic resolution

The Clayton News-Daily covered the recent launch of online traffic case resolution at the Clayton County State Court. Previously, if someone wanted to discuss their case with the solicitor, they had to go to the courthouse. Not any more.

The article in the Clayton News-Daily describes how the Clayton Solicitor General’s office is also offering a ticket amnesty associated with the launch.

To celebrate the addition of this new technology, for a limited time, the Clayton County Office of the Solicitor General will be recommending dismissals of maintenance citations (to include defective equipment, headlight, brake light or tag light violations), and certain tag violations provided that the defective maintenance issue has been repaired and/or that the tag is in proper status now.

From the article in the News-Daily

The program is a collaboration between the Clayton County Office of the Clerk of the State Court and the Solicitor General’s Office. The platform is powered by Matterhorn.

“For all the terrible things that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, it has also forced courts to be more innovative in court processes and uses of technology in the courtroom,” Solicitor General Charles Brooks said. “This online platform for traffic ticket resolution catches the courts up to today’s technologies and we at the solicitor’s office will continue to explore ways to use technology to better the courtroom experience of our citizens.”

Clayton County Solicitor General Charles Brooks, quoted in the Clayton News-Daily

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