Congratulations 41B District Court for over 1,000 cases resolved online!

The 41B District Court in Clinton Township, Michigan has achieved an access to justice milestone: over 1,000 traffic tickets resolved online with Matterhorn online dispute resolution (ODR).

The court launched online resolution for traffic tickets with Matterhorn in August 2018. The online platform allows people to communicate with the court to address current and past due tickets 24-7, from anywhere.

Expand Service to the Public

“Online dispute resolution is an exciting tool for us to expand service to the public and provide access to justice.”

Court Administrator / Magistrate James A. McGrail, 41B District Court

Congratulations to Chief Judge Carrie Lynn Fuca, Judge Jacob Michael Femminineo, Jr., Judge Sebastian Lucido, Magistrate James A. McGrail, Magistrate Ryan Zemke, and the entire team of the 41B District Court for expanding access to justice in Clinton Township and beyond.

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