Matterhorn Family Court Platform

Matterhorn is a SaaS, cloud-based platform that allows courts to communicate with parents and streamline their family court and child support compliance processes. Matterhorn is mobile-ready and accessible 24/7 from any device.

What Will Your Family Court Achieve with Matterhorn?

Increase access, communications, notifications, and child support compliance with the cloud-based Matterhorn platform. We integrate with your court case management system and your process to allow you to offer your parents a way to resolve and negotiate issues in an online, asynchronous, and collaborative environment.

What has the Friend of the Court in Michigan's 20th Circuit Court Achieved with Matterhorn?

Fewer Show-Cause Hearings

fewer hearings.

With Matterhorn, the average numbers of hearings dropped from close to 400 to below 300 per month.

Resolve Issues

more cases resolved with Matterhorn.

The percentage of cases resolved before the hearing jumped from 39.6% to 48.4% (up 22%).

Reduce Warrants

fewer warrants.

The average number of warrants issued per month dropped from 143 to 91 (down 36.4%).

Matterhorn is Online Dispute Resolution

Matterhorn allows courts to offer 24/7 service without 24/7 staff. It integrates with many CMS and payment systems. It is software-as-a-service. Matterhorn is secure and private, third-party technical audits verify our security.

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