Press coverage on the 19th District Court launch of online resolution with Matterhorn

Coverage of the Michigan 19th District Court launch of online traffic adjudication

The Michigan 19th District Court launched Matterhorn for online traffic adjudication in January, 2020. Read the news coverage.

Images of news articles on the 19th District Court launch in the Arab American Press and the Press & Guide.

The Dearborn Press & Guide and the Arab American News covered the court’s initiative.

Dearborn’s 19th District Court recently launched a new online resolution system that provides individuals with an opportunity to settle traffic tickets more quickly and efficiently.

The Press & Guide

Citizens who receive traffic civil infractions in Dearborn and meet eligibility criteria can now contest tickets from the convenience of their home or location of their choosing without ever having to appear at the courthouse.

The Arab American News

Chief Judge Gene Hunt explains why the court sought an online option:

We recognize that taking time from work, school or other obligations to wait in line at the courthouse can be frustrating….The court’s dedication to automated enhancements will help the Dearborn court continue to be effective and efficient in court operations, while enabling better public access.

Chief Judge Gene Hunt, Michigan 19th District court

Congratulations to Chief Judge Gene Hunt, Court Administrator Eric F. Cyman, and the staff of the 19th District Court for increasing access to their court!

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