DeKalb County State Court Now Offers Online Ticket Notification System

For Immediate Release—Decatur, GA

Motorists receiving a traffic citation in DeKalb County, GA, now can sign up to receive text and email notifications of fines and upcoming court dates. The system will even send notifications if a court date is missed and inform the motorist on options to resolve their citation with the court.

Instead of having to try and remember a court date or relying on a paper citation that might get lost for how much they might owe – people can now access the DeKalb County State Court online, anytime, anywhere. The Court’s 24/7 notification system is available to the public their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Anyone can opt-in to this program by

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“The DeKalb County State Court – Traffic Division located in Decatur, GA, is pleased to offer online traffic notifications for most traffic tickets issued within the DeKalb, Georgia Jurisdiction. Our Court is employing more ways to innovate and connect online with those in the community we serve.”

The service, Matterhorn by Court Innovations, allows individuals to search online for their citation(s) and opt-in to notifications and reminders via SMS text and email. After opt-in, the motorist will receive electronic messages on their case status. To provide this service, Matterhorn integrates with the DeKalb court case management system, Benchmark by Pioneer.

DeKalb County State Court is the first to offer this program in the State of Georgia. Matterhorn is used by courts and agencies in nine other states, including Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, and Arkansas.

“This project is the first phase in online citation resolution for DeKalb County State Court. DeKalb’s judicial system is taking a big step forward by adopting technology that makes it fast and simple for people to find their case online and then opt-in for reminders and notifications,” said Court Innovations CEO MJ Cartwright. “Across the board, when courts adopt Matterhorn, the time for a case to be resolved drops dramatically, and customer satisfaction with the courts improves significantly.”

Courts with Matterhorn to handle many types of high-volume infractions completely online, saving time and money for the public and courts. Rather than limiting judicial or law enforcement discretion, Matterhorn gives decision-makers the ability to resolve cases more equitably and rapidly. Its 24/7 access and education component also empowers defendants to work with the court to resolve minor violations informally, and at a convenient time.

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About Matterhorn

Court Innovations is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its product Matterhorn allows courts to handle many high-volume infractions completely online, saving people and courts time and money. Matterhorn is in over 45 courts in eight states. Courts have used Matterhorn to resolve over 40,000 tickets and disputes online.

Learn more about Matterhorn for online traffic ticket resolution.

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