Delaware launches Landlord-Tenant ODR

The Delaware Justice of the Peace Court launched an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform for Landlord-Tenant cases in early November, 2020. Parties can use this platform to resolve a filed court case online, without needing to “go to court” in person.

The Delaware Justice of the Peace Court handles a variety of case types including all landlord/tenant proceedings. It is the state’s busiest court.

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Congrats to the Delaware Justice of the Peace Court on launching ODR for Landlord-Tenant Cases

“We are excited to offer this new service. We have been working on developing this since before the pandemic struck — similar to other alternative dispute/mediation programs in other courts —  but as it turns out, this is the perfect tool to help people resolve their differences without having to come to court and the potential exposure of being at a courthouse,” said Chief Magistrate Alan Davis.

Chief Magistrate Alan Davis, quoted in “Justice of the Peace Court launches new Online Dispute Resolution program” in the Coastal Point publication

The Justice of the Peace Court’s Landlord-Tenant ODR platform offers parties the option of a trained mediator to help them come to an agreement.

The mediators are trained third parties, JP Court judges and members of the Delaware Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution section. Involved judges will not take part if a case moves forward to court.

Mediators will not give legal advice. Legal assistance options are available online at

Mediation on the platform described in “Justice of the Peace Court launches online mediation portal” in the Delaware State News.

How to get started with a Landlord-Tenant ODR case

The court has provided video tutorials for registering for and using the system.

Congratulations to the Delaware Justice of the Peace Court for their launch of ODR in for Landlord-Tenant cases!

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