District Court 41B Expands Access to Justice in Clinton Township!

Michigan District Court 41B now offers online resolution and amnesty for traffic tickets with Matterhorn. This launch expands access to justice in Clinton Township.

Until today, anyone who received a traffic citation or needed to request additional time to pay in Clinton Township, Michigan, had to come to court to resolve their matter. That option will remain. However, starting today, people can now communicate with the court to resolve a ticket from their personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone. People now possess the ability to address current and past due tickets 24-7, from anywhere.

Resolve and Pay Tickets from Home

“We recognize that taking time from work, school or other obligations to wait in line at the courthouse can be frustrating. Now citizens can pay and resolve tickets from the comfort of their own home, at the time of their choosing. They don’t have to take time off from their job or arrange for transportation to and from the court.”

Magistrate James McGrail, District Court 41B

The online platform, Matterhorn online dispute resolution (ODR), walks individuals through a series of qualifying questions and allows them to submit their position online as if they were speaking in court. Individuals have the ability to either plea responsible or responsible with explanation. From there, a judge or magistrate determines next steps, including assessing fines that a person can pay online. Throughout the process, people receive emails and text messages updating them on the status of their case.

Amnesty and Ability to Pay Assessment

In addition, the court will also offer an Amnesty Program for a limited time starting October 15. If someone has trouble paying a fine, they can request amnesty online. Then, the platform provides a place to upload information about their financial situation at their convenience, from any device, in private. Outside of this platform, these applications happen in open court, within the hearing of other people in court that day for other matters. The court then reviews the information to determine that person’s eligibility for a payment plan or another option. The capability to access ability-to-pay through Matterhorn’s online platform allows courts a digital means to “right-size” penalties. District Court 41B is one of five courts in Michigan using Matterhorn to assess ability-to-pay, and the first in Macomb County to do so.

Meeting Public Demand for Access to Justice 

“The public is demanding access to justice. Leading courts such as District Court 41B are providing access in a secure and user-friendly way. When courts adopt Matterhorn, the time for a case to be resolved drops dramatically and, largely as a result, citizen satisfaction improves. Congratulations to the team at District Court 41B!”

MJ Cartwright, Court Innovations CEO 

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