District Court 65B Launches Online Traffic Ticket Review

Congratulations to Michigan District Court 65B in Gratiot County for expanding access to the court via traffic ticket review. The platform went live today, November 1, 2018.

Congratulations to Michigan District Court 65B!

Earlier this month, The Morning Sun covered the launch. 

“We recognize that taking time from work, school or other obligations to personally appear at the courthouse is inconvenient and can be frustrating….

“Now citizens can pay or contest tickets from the comfort of their own home, at the time of their own choosing. They don’t have to take time off from their job and family responsibilities to travel to and from the court to address their civil infraction ticket.”

District Court 65B Judge Stewart McDonald – quoted in The Morning Sun
The start of the traffic ticket review process on the platform.

Judge Stewart McDonald and Court Administrator Dennis Aven collaborated to bring the online ticket review program to Gratiot County. The program is powered by Ann Arbor-based Matterhorn Online Dispute Resolution platform. Matterhorn powers similar systems for over 25 Michigan courts and over 50 locations in 10 states.

Congratulations to Judge McDonald, Court Administrator Aven, and the entire team at the 65B District Court. 

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