Farmers Branch, TX offers Class C Misdemeanor ODR with Matterhorn

The Farmers Branch Municipal Court now allows people to resolve Class C Misdemeanors online with Matterhorn. The mobile-friendly platform permits people to contest traffic tickets, warrants, and code enforcement tickets from anywhere, on any device.

According to Kevin Barrett, Farmers Branch Court Administrator,

The City of Farmers Branch Municipal Court is excited to ring in a new era of court which harnesses technology to allow access to justice for all who come into contact with the court. We have worked diligently to find a solution which is not only fair and effective but practical in today’s fast paced world where you do everything on your phone, tablet or computer.

Read more from Barrett on the court’s ODR website.

For a traffic ticket, people can plead guilty, no contest, or not-guilty and provide the court information about their situation. People can set up payment plans and correct a “fix-it” tickets. People can use the platform to resolve a warrant online. Additionally, people can provide proof that they have corrected their code enforcement violation.

See the coverage in the local press of the launch, including a video interview with Court Administrator Kevin Barrett.

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