Franklin County Municipal Court featured in JTC ODR 2.0 Case Studies

The Joint Technology Committee (JTC) has updated its influential Case Studies in ODR for Courts whitepaper. The case studies start with the first ODR system in the US Courts, the Franklin County Municipal Court in Ohio.

Case Studies in ODR for Courts on the JTC Publications and Webinars page

This Case Studies research bulletin is a comprehensive update and includes more information and outcomes from courts in the US and Canada with Online Dispute Resolution systems.

The Franklin County Municipal Court launched the first court-connected online dispute resolution in the nation in 2016.

Three years and hundreds of cases later, the court can quantify benefits to parties and the court: higher participation by parties, a reduction of default judgments, and a more even distribution of positive casedispositions regardless of socio-economic factors and race as compared to the previous four years of “status quo” processes. For the first time ever, dismissals now outpace default judgments in City of Columbus Tax cases.

JTC Resource Bulletin Case Studies in ODR for Courts (version 2.0)

The court uses the Matterhorn platform to power its ODR.

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