Franklin County Small Claims Online Resolution at NAJIS

At the National Association of Justice Information Systems 2017 Conference? Today, Alex Sanchez will speak on Franklin County, Ohio’s success with Matterhorn.

Improving Community Safety & Satisfaction
Captain Carl Trowbridge, Franklin County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Office; Alex Sanchez Esq., Manager, Franklin County, Ohio, Municipal Court, Small Claims Division and Dispute Resolution Department

Justice agencies in Franklin County (Columbus), Ohio are transforming their community from the inside out. In this session, practitioners from the Sheriff’s Office and the Municipal Court will share how technology is helping to better-inform citizens of their decisions and be more responsive to citizen’s needs. You will learn how the Sheriff is using objective classification to guide housing and programming decisions, help inmates transition back into the community, and to reduce the cycling of people through their doors. At the Municipal Court, a new online dispute resolution system is providing citizens with a way to negotiate and resolve disputes – at no cost – while saving time and eliminating the need to appear in court. Join us to hear how each of these agencies is improving justice by putting technology to work for the citizens of Franklin County.

See the NAJIS Agenda (PDF).

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