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Matterhorn ODR allows courts to offer an online door to the public to handle criminal and civil infractions, disputes, warrants and other cases. See what online dispute resolution can do for your court, municipality, or agency.

Family Court Compliance Results

The 20th Circuit Court in Ottawa County Michigan sought to decrease the stress and waiting in hearing days for their citizens and for their staff alike.

Matterhorn helped them reduce failure to pay hearings, helping the court resolve more cases and decrease warrants.

Warrant Prevention Results

Matterhorn pre-warrant intervention reduces the number of new bench warrants and saves the court, associated police agencies, and members of the public time, money, and energy.

Traffic Ticket Online Resolution Results

Increase access to justice, decrease time to case closure, hasten fee collection, and decrease defaults with Matterhorn.

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See what several Michigan courts have achieved with Matterhorn traffic ticket and minor infraction resolution.

Traffic Ticket Online Resolution Results - Wayne, MI

The City of Wayne, Michigan was able to free up time in their docket (over 30% reduction in in-person informal hearings two years in a row). At the same time, the online option provides the public greater access to the court by using Matterhorn.

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Traffic and Warrant Resolution Results - 14A District Court

Prior to Matterhorn, the District 14A court in Washtenaw County invested time, energy, and labor to schedule and hold hearings for relatively minor offenses.

Then the court offered online traffic ticket and warrant resolution via Matterhorn.

Do the same work in
of the time.

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