Get Results: ODR Webinars

Hear from Matterhorn courts on what they have achieved and how they achieved their results. Hear also about research conducted on Matterhorn

Outcome Disparities in the Age of Online Courts

  • Orna Rabinovich-Einy, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa
  • Avital Mentovich, University of Haifa

College Court Connects with the Public Online (Webinar Video)

  • Chief Judge Andrea Andrews Larkin, 54B District Court, East Lansing, Michigan
  • Nicole Evans, Court Administrator, 54B District Court
  • Robert Stump, Senior Clerk – Traffic, 54B District Court
  • Sarah Cheesebro, Senior Clerk, 54B District Court

Court, Community, and Tech Partners – Remove Barriers to Recovery with ODR (Webinar Video)

  • Lisa Fusik, Deputy Court Administrator, 14A District Court, Michigan
  • Judah Garber, Washtenaw County Friend of the Court
  • Jason Schwartz, Clinical Director, Dawn Farm
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Court-Connected ODR 2014-present, an Interview with Judge Kirk W. Tabbey (Webinar Video)

Judge Kirk W. Tabbey
14A District Court, Michigan

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Getting Started with ODR (Webinar Video)

Magistrate Barbara Scherr & Nadezda Stojcevska, Court Administrator
16th District Court Livonia, Michigan

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Overcoming Distance with ODR (Webinar Video)

Magistrate Janice Doner
74th District Court, Bay County, Michigan

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ODR to Contest and Resolve Misemeanors – Texas Edition (Webinar Video)

Kevin Barrett, Court Administrator, & Nicole Corr, City Prosecutor
Farmers Branch Municipal Court, Texas

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Ability-to-Pay Assessment & ODR Webinar Video

Judge Alexis G. Krot, 31st District Court, Hamtramck, MI
J. J. Prescott, University of Michigan Law School

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Open an Online Door to your Court with ODR (Webinar Video)

Paul Embley, National Center for State Courts
MJ Cartwright, Matterhorn

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Court-Connected ODR: Resources Saved, Justice Served (Webinar Video)

Alex Sanchez, Franklin County Municipal Court
MJ Cartwright, Matterhorn

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