Traffic Ticket Online Resolution: 29th District Court

This summary of traffic ticket online resolution is one of several case studies of outcomes for courts with online traffic court. For a study of six courts, see Ticket and Minor Infraction Resolution Outcomes—Six Courts.

29th District Court, City of Wayne, Michigan

The Court Sought to Make Justice More Convenient

The Michigan 29th District Court (City of Wayne) sought to increase engagement with the public and provide online access in a cost-efficient manner. They implemented Matterhorn for online traffic adjudication in 2016.

Online Traffic Resolution Results

a graphic showing the decrease in in-person informal traffic hearings since the implementation of Matterhorn

Since launch, the court has seen year-over-year reductions in informal traffic hearings. The annual decreases compound the benefits of online access for the court and the public alike.

After five years of offering online access, the court’s in-person informal hearings for these traffic infractions have decreased immensely, to only 10% of the original volume of requests.

Do More, With Less

Matterhorn gave us the ability to do more with less. The platform freed up our docket and gave us more time to process online cases and alleviate workload in certain areas. As opposed to dealing with citizens on the spot, our staff was able to work through online requests during time when the court was less busy.
—Linda Gable 29th District
Court Administrator

What is Matterhorn?

Matterhorn powers online dispute resolution and online court platforms for courts, mediation centers, and government agencies.