Grand Rapids has prevented over a thousand warrants online

The 61st District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan, prevents warrants with Matterhorn. The court intervenes with people who are out of compliance with a court payment plan before issuing a bench warrant. Through proactively communicating with the public with Matterhorn, the court has managed to avert over 1,000 warrants.

By heading off the bench warrant, the individual avoids an additional bench warrant fee and the potential for arrest or jail time. This process also saves the court and law enforcement time and resources.

61st District Court achieves over 1,000 warrants prevented with Matterhorn

Congratulations to the 61st District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The 61st District Court, managed by Court Administrator Gary Secor and Clerk of the Court Tanya Todd, was the first court to offer this program online. Congratulations to the 61st District Court for leading the way with this initiative!

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