Guy District Court in Arkansas Launches Traffic and Warrant ODR

Individuals who have received a traffic citation or have a warrant in Guy, Arkansas now have another option. Previously, those who wanted to have their “day in court” had to go to court. However, members of the public can now use the court’s online platform, Matterhorn, to make their case without having to take time off work or travel to the courthouse.

Why Launch ODR in Guy?

“We have many defendants in this court who live in faraway cities and states. I am excited that we have an additional option for drivers to be able to access the court system online without having to travel great distances to resolve their citations.”

Dustin Chapman, City Attorney and Prosecutor – Guy, Arkansas

Members of the public can check to see if they are eligible for online resolution for their traffic citation or warrant by visiting the court’s online site. The online platform walks individuals through a series of qualifying questions and allows them to share their story online as if they were speaking in court.

Arkansas Courts Continue to Lead with Online Access to Justice Initiatives

“Courts in Arkansas continue to lead the country with online access to justice initiatives. The leadership of the courts in Guy, Arkansas has further extended online access across Arkansas. We are proud to be working to support these initiatives!”

Matterhorn CEO MJ Cartwright

Congratulations to the staff of the Guy District Court for expanding access to justice in Guy and beyond!  

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