Hawaii Dispute Resolution Center Extends Mediation Services with ODR

The Mediation Center of the Pacific (MCP) has been offering dispute resolution services to the people of Hawaii since 1979. In 2019, they extended their peaceful approach to working through conflict with online dispute resolution.

Parties use mediation in a variety of situations, including civil rights issues, condominium disputes, co-parenting plans and child custody, divorce, employment issues, consumer-merchant, and education.

“Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process where a neutral third-party (the mediator), helps parties in conflict come together to talk and decide how to resolve their dispute.”

Excerpt from the Mediation Center of the Pacific’s website

Online Mediation 24-7, from Anywhere

Over its long history, MCP has used in-person mediation. The mediator may meet with all parties in the same room or with each of the parties separately. And while this process is extremely valuable, it is not always convenient for people to meet face-to-face.

Therefore, to increase accessibility, MCP has started to meet with parties where they are: online. With an online dispute resolution (ODR) option, people can now communicate with other parties and with their mediator from their personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone. People can now collaborate to resolve disputes 24-7, from anywhere.

Conveniently Working Through Disputes Electronically

Furthermore, MCP invites parties who choose online dispute resolution to their customized ODR site. On the site, the parties work together with with their mediator to resolve their issue via group communications, sidebar discussion, and shared documents. At the time the parties reach an agreement, the mediator and the parties prepare their agreement and then the parties can electronically sign online.

“We know that mediation has helped thousands of people in Hawaii to talk and resolve conflict creatively. We are thrilled to extend our mediation services online with this platform. Now more people will have the option of conveniently working through their disputes electronically, without interrupting their work day or going to court.”

Tracey Wiltgen, Executive Director of MCP

Congratulations to Executive Director Tracey Wiltgen and the entire MCP team for expanding access to justice in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific.

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