Meet Bob

He can’t miss work to attend court.

Step 1Bob goes online and uses Matterhorn to submit his request to the court. Bob will tell the court about his case and answer some questions from the court.

Meet Bob I did not have enough money at the time and was unable to get the issue taken care of. Is there anything about your case you’d like the court to know? SUBMIT

Matterhorn does the hard work for Bob.

Step 2Matterhorn routes case information to the appropriate people instaneously.


We can provide customization options to your personalized platform.

Bob receives text and email updates throughout the process.

Step 3

Bob is never out of the loop. He receives text messages and emails keeping him informed about his case’s status.

Bob’s case is closed (and quickly!)

Step 4

Bob’s case was closed quickly and efficiently.

Now he can continue his day worry-free and relaxed knowing that Matterhorn is by his side.


One Matterhorn court reduced their case completion time from 45 to 5 days. Learn more.

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