Matterhorn provides a platform for courts, law enforcement, and citizens to resolve legal issues and disputes online. Matterhorn benefits courts by allowing them to resolve certain case types online. Courts use Matterhorn to resolve minor criminal and civil infractions like traffic and parking tickets, to prevent warrants, to resolve warrants, to resolve small claims disputes, to administer amnesty events, to assess ability-to-pay, to allow citizens to plea online, and to communicate with custodial and non-custodial parents on family court compliance.

Matterhorn has been used in over 20,000 cases nationally.

How it Works

Courts Define Eligibility, the Public Searches for their Case(s)

When a court has provided Matterhorn to their jurisdiction, a member of the public with an open case can check if they are eligible to resolve the matter online. Courts choose their own criteria for eligibility. For example, a court may choose to review traffic tickets online only when the driving record is clean.

Matterhorn - Communicate, Negotiate, Resolve

If the case is eligible, the citizen can tell the court about their case and answer some questions from the court.

Matterhorn routes the case information to the right people instantly. Informed and participating parties can include law enforcement, the prosecutor, the clerks, a case worker, a mediator, a magistrate, and/or a judge.

Some courts streamline this process for certain cases, with agreement from stakeholders on when they will be included and under what conditions an offer may be made without their input.


The citizen receives text and email updates throughout the process.


Court staff manage their cases in a dashboard, and they can receive notifications of updates via email if they wish.

It's a Win-Win-Win

The Benefits for Judges

"A lot of times when they come to court, it's such a big audience, they may not say everything they really want or that I need to hear."

Judge Brigette Officer-Hill, 30th District Court

The Benefits for Law Enforcement

"With law enforcement, it's been a nice feature that they don't have to come to court at all."

Lisa Fusik, Deputy Court Administrator, Michigan District Court 14A

The Benefits for Citizens

"Citizens can do this at home, at work, on vacation...take care of their ticket without having to come to court."

Robert Ciolek, Court Administrator, Michigan 14A District Court.

Citizens Benefit from Matterhorn

What Our Citizens Say

"This process allowed me to voice my opposition but still take responsibility and not miss any work. Doing it this way was a lot better than possibly losing my job to go to court."


"Hopefully will not have a situation where I need something like this (again), but it offers an alternative that I think is a great option!!"