In the News: Georgia Court launches ODR for Small Claims

Decatur, GA. The DeKalb County Magistrates Court has launched online dispute resolution (ODR) for small claims cases. The ODR platform allows people with monetary disputes less than $15,000 to resolve their cases from anywhere and at any time. Congratulations to Chief Judge Berryl A. Anderson and the staff of the DeKalb County Magistrates Court.

Congratulations to the DeKalb County Magistrate Court

As COVID-19 remains a threat in Georgia, DeKalb County Magistrate Court Chief Judge Berryl A. Anderson continues to implement innovative approaches in protecting the health and safety of the public and her employees.

From a story in on the launch

The ODR platform, powered by Matterhorn, lets people with small claims cases in DeKalb County resolve court cases online. They may negotiate directly with each other and they may choose to have a mediator.

The court has partnered with Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School to provide mediation on the platform. Student volunteers, all of whom will be State-certified mediators, will help people resolve their cases on the ODR platform. If there is an agreement in the case, the parties can complete an agreement form and sign their agreement entirely online. Their agreement is then filed with the court automatically.

The online platform will help people resolve their disputes in a timely manner, conveniently, and safely. Congratulations to DeKalb County Magistrate’s Court for expanding access to justice in Georgia!

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