In the News: NY Online Traffic Court Success

In early June, the Suffolk County, NY, Traffic Violations and Parking Agency (TVPA) shared how its online traffic court option has made a difference. Since launch in fall of 2020, the TVPA’s online platform, TPLEAS, has helped over 10,000 motorists resolve their tickets online.

A map showing the state of New York in highlight with Suffolk County emphasized.

It is no secret that that having to appear in person at TVPA can be a real hurdle for many drivers…The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that many critical services can be completed online, saving our residents’ time and money while recognizing that they need flexibility with their busy lives.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone quoted in Newsday

The agency launched the site to help people resolve their traffic citations without having to come to the court in-person. The clerk and prosecutor review cases on the platform. If they determine a plea bargain is appropriate, the prosecutor can then extend a plea offer to motorist to review and sign via the platform. If the motorist rejects the plea, they can request a hearing.

With a traffic ticket, there was no way to get a plea without coming to court. People had to take a day off to avoid points. This is the way it should be. Who wants to come to court?

Paul Margiotta, TVPA Executive Director, quoted in Newsday

TPLEAS is powered by Matterhorn.

Congratulations to Paul Margiotta and the team at TVPA for extending access to residents in Suffolk County!

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