Invite a Citizen to your Matterhorn site via the “Create Request” tool

The most common way that citizens open up requests in Matterhorn is to search and submit a request on your court’s Matterhorn site.

A screenshot from Matterhorn

The Create Request tool in Matterhorn

Matterhorn offers a second method that may be quicker when you have a citizen on the phone. The court can pull up the case and invite the citizen to the site (via email/text). This tool can save court staff time explaining how to navigate and where to click.

To invite a citizen into Matterhorn, log in to Matterhorn and select the “Create Request” button under the Tools menu:

On the next screen, select the type of case (e.g. TRAFFIC, WARRANT, PARKING, etc.) and then fill in the citizen’s Driver’s License Number (DLN), Driver’s License State, and Date of Birth:

A screenshot from Matterhorn

Search for a case within Matterhorn by DLN, Driver’s License State, and Date of Birth

If the citizen has an open case in your court that meets your court’s eligibility requirements, Matterhorn will show you their case.

Click “Create Request” to continue the process:

A screenshot from Matterhorn

Matterhorn search results show any eligible cases

Next, you will see a form where you can then set the Due Date (to indicate how long the citizen will have to react to your invitation) and fill out the citizen’s email and/or phone number:

A screenshot from Matterhorn

Enter a new due date and the citizen’s contact information into Matterhorn

Once you hit “Submit”, the invitation will be sent out via email and/or text. Then, the citizen will receive an invitation containing a link back to the site where they can go in and complete the request:

A screenshot of the email the citizen receives. Courts can customize this language to fit their process and communication style.

Then, Matterhorn will email (shown) and text the citizen.

Please note that you will not see the case in your queue until after the citizen has completed the request.

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