Jackson Court Offers Online Warrant Amnesty through May

For Immediate Release – Jackson, Michigan

Do you know if you have warrant out for your arrest for failure to pay fines and costs or owe money to 12th District Court in Jackson, Michigan? The court is offering an amnesty on certain types of warrants through April and May. Act before May 31 to take advantage of this program. Check online to see if you can take advantage of this amnesty by visiting https://www.courtinnovations.com/MID12

The court has offered online resolution of traffic infractions and warrants since May 2018. At the start of April 2019, the 12th District Court has started a two-month amnesty. During the amnesty period, eligible applicants may receive a 20% discount on outstanding fines and fees via the online platform. Eligible cases include civil traffic, misdemeanor drunk driving, parking, non-traffic civil infractions, misdemeanor traffic, misdemeanor drunk driving, traffic civil infractions, felony traffic, and felony drunk driving infractions. Upon full payment, the court will cancel outstanding arrest warrants by the end of the next business day (when appropriate).

Throughout the process, members of the public will receive notifications via email and text message that update them on the status of their case. The court uses the Matterhorn online dispute resolution platform to power its online access. Since May 2018, the public has used the online system to resolve over 600 traffic and warrant cases.

According to Matterhorn CEO, MJ Cartwright:

“Courts like the 12th District Court that increase access online are leading a national change. We are proud to power the court’s online platform and excited to power this online amnesty event.”

MJ Cartwright, CEO

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