Lawyer as Problem Solver Awarded to Matterhorn

The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution presented the 2021 Lawyer as Problem Solver Award to Matterhorn.

Matterhorn CEO MJ Cartwright accepted the award at the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution plenary session on April 15, 2021.

Matterhorn receives the Lawyer as Problem Solver Award presented by American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution
Matterhorn receives Lawyer as Problem Solver Award
A photograph of the Lawyer as Problem Solver Award - presented by the ABA Dispute Resolution Section to Matterhorn on April 15, 2021.
Lawyer as Problem Solver awarded by the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution to Matterhorn

It is an honor to receive this “Lawyer as Problem Solver” award from the ABA.

When we started Matterhorn back in 2014 (with Professor J.J. Prescott and one of his law students from the University of Michigan), we did not anticipate a pandemic or all the issues that come from working through a pandemic—but what did know is that we wanted to increase access to justice to our court system and to solving legal problems.

That is what Matterhorn does. But we do not do it alone.

I am humbly accepting this award not only for the Matterhorn team for all the court judges, administrators, prosecutors, DAs, justices, technology leaders and supporting organizations who we worked with. Together, we have not only increased access to justice but we have opened a new “front door” to our justice system for everyone, anytime and anywhere to resolve their legal issues.

We are making impact and will make an even bigger impact together. It is still an uphill climb to continually remove barriers and get the right combination of technology, ideas, people, process, tenacity, and consistency in place to make this happen.

On behalf of the Matterhorn team, we humbly thank you for this meaningful award.

MJ Cartwright, Matterhorn CEO
A screenshot listing the award and the rationale for the award.

Court systems across the country have faced tremendous challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although it has been very difficult to provide judicial services in person, Matterhorn’s online dispute resolution (ODR) technology has helped more than 150 courts, agencies, and centers in 22 different states continue to operate in a virtual environment. Even before the pandemic, Matterhorn was working to expand access to justice. It has been actively involved in developing standards, research, knowledge, and best practices independent of vendor. Since its inception, Matterhorn has worked with the University of Michigan and other research organizations. From its initial Michigan pilot projects in 2014-16 supporting the Michigan State Courts Administration Organization research comparing ODR v non-ODR court cases to supporting Pew Charitable Trusts data collection. Matterhorn has continuously supported ongoing research, outcomes, evaluations, and analysis beyond the product and services of their standard contract. It also has worked with individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse.

The ABA Dispute Resolution Section from the award ceremony.
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