Legal News – 30th District Court offering online resolution of violations

Taking time from work, school or other obligations to spend hours in a packed courtroom to deal with a traffic ticket can be frustrating. Highland Park residents can handle those tickets from the comfort of their own home, at their convenience with Court Innovations’ Matterhorn. Matterhorn is an online platform that enables defendants, police, prosecutors and judges to conveniently work towards resolving minor violations.

“The 30th District Court was determined to make real progress in creating more efficiency and fairness within the system. The incredible volume of cases that go through the 30th District Court led to this need to find an alternative to the status quo,” said Judge Brigette Officer-Hill.

“Currently those with civil infractions are getting an initial court date on average of 21 days; with Matterhorn, from date of ticket issuance through to closing of the ticket is averaging 6.1 days.”

Matterhorn will walk individuals through a series of qualifying questions that determines whether they are eligible to resolve their violation online. If eligible, a litigant can submit their position online, which is then reviewed by staff at the prosecutors’ office or police agency. From there, a judge or magistrate determines next steps, including assessing fines that a litigant can pay online.
“Based on the success that we’ve had with Matterhorn, we are excited to extend our online services to include warrants […]

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