Live ODR Webinar: College Town Court Connects with the Public Online

Court-connected ODR expands access. For courts in college towns, you may think mostly students participate in online dispute resolution (ODR). However, all members of the public are taking advantage of the platform. 

Hear from the 54B District Court located in East Lansing, Michigan which began offering ODR for traffic citations, parking tickets, and recently expanded their platform to include online plea. 

Please attend our webinar on Wednesday, May 8 at 2:00PM Eastern Time to learn more.

Why Attend this ODR Webinar

The Panel

  • Chief Judge Andrea Andrews Larkin, 54B District Court in East Lansing, Michigan
  • Court Administrator Nicole Evans, 54B District Court in East Lansing, Michigan
  • Interviewed by Dunrie Greiling, Matterhorn’s Chief Product Officer

Webinar Agenda

  • Why the 54B District Court started with ODR in 2015 and what they learned and achieved through resolving 5,000 online cases since launch
  • Specifics of the 54B District Court’s approach to implementing their ODR program and who they brought to the table to plan and launch their process
  • Get your questions answered and hear answers to questions of other attendees
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