Live ODR Webinar: Small Budget, Big Impact on June 13, 2PM Eastern

Join us Wednesday, June 13 at 2PM Eastern time to participate in the webinar Small Budget, Big Impact - ODR is a quick launch and quick win in your community.

Note: registration is now closed.

Small Budget, Big Impact Webinar Description

You might think that you need a squad of developers and months or years to roll out your court’s online dispute resolution platform. That is not necessary!

Hear from Chief Judge Brigette Officer-Hill of the Michigan 30th District Court and Matterhorn CEO MJ Cartwright. The 30th District Court has used Matterhorn platform for three years, and the launch was within weeks, not months. Learn how the court has changed over this time period, and what the court has learned and heard from the public since launch. ODR improves both customer satisfaction, court efficiency, and outcomes. The experience of the 30th District Court show how the flexibility of ODR allows courts to increase capacity without expanding budgets.

Courts with Matterhorn ODR allow smartphone and computer users to resolve and negotiate infractions, petty misdemeanors, warrants, family court compliance, online pleas, or file a small claims civil case…over 45 courts in 8 states are using it.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals interested in court-connected dispute resolution, including judges, court administrators, mediators, and attorneys.
There is no charge for this webinar.

Small Budget, Big Impact Panelists

Judge Brigette Officer-Hill

Judge Officer-Hill presides over the 30th District Court in Highland Park, Michigan. She read about Matterhorn in a news article and called to inquire whether it was a fit for her court. Her court was one of the first three courts to implement Matterhorn online dispute resolution.

MJ Cartwright

MJ Cartwright is Matterhorn's Chief Executive Officer.

MJ leads the Matterhorn team to make meaningful, usable, and fair solutions that expand online and mobile access to our courts for all people: “go to court” without going to court.

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