Live Webinar: Getting Started with ODR, A Gradual Start to Great Outcomes

Hear from the 16th District Court in Livonia, Michigan about how they started with ODR, resolved over 4,700 cases online, and what they have learned along the way. 

Please register and attend our webinar on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 2PM Eastern to learn more.

The decision to get started with ODR is the first step towards great outcomes. The second step is actually getting going, getting buy in, and structuring your project for success. 

Why Attend This Webinar on Getting Started with ODR

The Panel

  • Barbara Scherr, Magistrate for the 16th District Court, Livonia, Michigan
  • Nadezda Stojcevska, Court Administrator for the 16th District Court, Livonia, Michigan
  • Interviewed by Dunrie Greiling, Matterhorn’s Chief Product Officer

Webinar Agenda

  • Implementation of ODR to resolve Traffic Infractions online
  • Firsthand account of the impact and outcomes of incremental expansion of ODR
    • Lessons learned and perspective on becoming familiar with ODR for a single case type before expanding the platform
    • The court initially launched an ODR program for eligible traffic infractions before adding the capability to review waivable offenses 
    • The 16th District Court has resolved over 4,700 cases online since launching their ODR program in April 2016

Judges, Court Administrators, Clerks, Mediators, and Attorneys:

  • Learn how ODR helps courts and agencies improve access to justice, efficiency, fairness, and customer satisfaction
  • Get your questions answered and hear answers to questions from other attendees
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