State News – Local traffic violations resolvable online starting in June

Resulting from possible frustrations with trying to resolve a traffic ticket, 54B District Court will be offering a new online service beginning on June 1.

The court signed on with Matterhorn by Court Innovations, “an online platform that allows defendants, police and judges to conveniently work toward resolving minor traffic violations,” according to a court statement.

Matterhorn will direct users through an online series of qualifying questions to see if a traffic violation can be resolved online. If it can, a user can submit their petition online and it will be looked over by the East Lansing Police Department.

54B Judge Andrea Larkin or Judge Richard Ball will then determine the outcome without the defendant ever having to present their case in person before the court.

The case can be followed online and the user will be notified via text message or email the result of their petition.


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