Matterhorn Founder Honored as Distinguished Innovator

The University of Michigan has awarded Matterhorn Founder J.J. Prescott its 2020 Distinguished University Innovator Award.

Congratulations J.J.!

The award honors Prescott “for developing technology that’s helping to democratize the justice system while decreasing the spread of COVID-19″. 

According to the announcement:

“Professor Prescott embodies the University of Michigan’s vision for serving the world through research, targeting poverty in the courts through innovative research and technology.”

Rebecca Cunningham, University of Michigan Vice President for Research, quoted in the University Record

The announcement describes the evolution of the Online Court Project, which turned into the Matterhorn platform. Prescott shares his inspiration:

“Work obligations, child care needs and transportation costs make using courts prohibitively expensive for too many. The confusion and anxiety of going to court also falls disproportionately on the poor and disenfranchised.” 

J.J. Prescott on why he started Matterhorn, quoted in the University Record

At the time of this writing, Matterhorn has helped the public resolve over 100,000 cases online. The software is used by courts, municipalities, government agencies, and mediation centers. The award is for innovation and its practical application. And so we must recognize and be grateful our courts, mediation centers, and government agencies.  

Congratulations J.J.

And thank you for your vision and leadership.

Learn More

  • Read the announcement in the University Record
  • Register for the Celebrate Invention event (award presentation and panel discussion) – September 21, 2020
  • See J.J.’s bio on the University of Michigan Law School site

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