Matterhorn founder speaks on ODR at the MAMA annual meeting

Matterhorn founder and professor at the University of Michigan Law School, J.J. Prescott, spoke this afternoon at the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys Municipal Law Program.

His topic was the

University of Michigan Online Court Project Technology-Aided Access to Justice through Online Dispute Resolution

Judicial systems exist for societies to organize themselves around the rule of law. In order to achieve their social goals, courts need to be

  1. accessible,
  2. fair, and
  3. cost-effective.

American courts can be difficult to understand and use, especially for people without attorneys and those who cannot miss work or school, or who are unable to travel to attend a court hearing. Online dispute resolution allows citizens to interact with courts in a familiar manner via their personal devices. A technology-driven approach to public interaction with courts has the potential to improve access to justice and make courts better suited to the information age. Learn about the project and its planned outreach aimed at a nationwide scale-up of technology in courts to allow citizens 24/7 access to resolve minor legal matters online.

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