A photo of a mountain with the number 6 superimposed on it.

Matterhorn is Six!

Six years ago today, Court Innovations launched. Founded at the University of Michigan Law School with Prof. J.J. Prescott, our mission has always been to support our courts with technology and to assist people with their court obligations. 

We are the team who make the Matterhorn platform. Of course, we have not done this alone.  We have had the honor and privilege of working with some the most innovative and passionate people across the court systems, mediation centers, law enforcement and prosecutors, community support centers, national and international organizations, academia and research, and active strategic partners. Our shared goal is to increase access to justice across the US for all courts and for all people. 

We are proud and energized to see this vision and our work expand and scale in state courts and mediation centers throughout the US. In 2014, Matterhorn started in three courts in Michigan, and we are now expanding beyond thirteen states in over seventy courts and centers.  Not only are we expanding geographically, but we have expanded into additional online solutions – adjudication, pleas, structured negotiations, assessment of ability-to-pay, family and domestic cases.  

The Matterhorn team and community continues to grow and expand with every court, center and agency.  Our growth has accelerated this past year as we expand impact and access to justice with additional strategic partnerships throughout the US and the world. 

We thank you for the opportunity to share this climb to increase impact and ease barriers.  Our passion and drive increases as we see the growing impact you, our customers and partners, bring to your communities and constituents, we’re happy to power the platform behind this change. 

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