Matterhorn online dispute resolution has a wide range of solutions for your citizens and court with proven outcomes such as fewer defaults, quicker case closure times, and faster collections. Matterhorn is flexible and customizable to the processes and needs of each court. Courts can choose the Software as a Service (SaaS) modules that fit their needs.

Importantly, Matterhorn extends access to justice by providing a way for citizens to interact with the court asynchronously 24/7 online.

Benefits to Courts

39% of citizens who use Matterhorn said they would not have been able to come to court in person.

More Access

Matterhorn provides citizen access. Thirty-nine percent of those who use Matterhorn say they would not have been able to come to court in person. This means that Matterhorn courts provide sixty-four percent more access for their citizens.

82% less staff handling time

Save Time

Matterhorn saves time. Combined court staff time per hearing was 157 minutes before, compared to 27 minutes after Matterhorn.

Less than 2% of court cases default

Fewer Defaults

Less than 2% of court cases heard through the Matterhorn platform default, compared with rates from 13-37% for cases that did not go through the system.

72% faster resolution

Faster Resolution

Cases heard through Matterhorn close an average of 72% faster—from an average of 50 days before Matterhorn to just 14 days after implementation.

92% of fines and fees paid in 30 days

Faster Collections

Using Matterhorn, courts collected 92% of fines and fees within 30 days of the charge being issued, compared with only 51% before implementation.

Solutions within Matterhorn

Configurable to Your Court's Unique Processes

Traffic/Criminal Cases

  • Open Cases
  • Outstanding/Defaulted Cases
  • Delinquent Accounts

Learn more about Traffic, Minor Civil Infraction, and Minor Misdemeanor resolution. Learn more about Online Warrant Resolution.

Civil Cases

  • Small Claims
  • Tax Claims/Disputes
  • Other Disputes

Learn more about Small Claims online dispute resolution with Matterhorn.

Family Court Cases

  • Child Support Compliance
  • Hearing Reduction
  • Warrant Reduction

Learn more about Family Court solutions available within Matterhorn. See what the Michigan 20th Circuit Court achieved with Matterhorn.

Configurable Options

Learn more about configurable options such as Ability to Pay, Online Amnesty Events, and Online Plea solutions within Matterhorn.