Matterhorn is Online Dispute Resolution

Courts turn to Matterhorn to review and resolve many infractions and misdemeanors completely online.

Matterhorn gives the public their “day in court” from their own device and from anywhere. This access allows people to stay at home, at school, and at work.

Benefits to Courts

Judges, magistrates, and court staff remain involved, yet spend less time on these activities. Matterhorn allows courts to offer 24/7 service without 24/7 staff. It allows the police to stay on patrol.

More Access


Matterhorn-courts provide more citizen access.
Thirty-nine percent of those who use Matterhorn say they would not have been able to come to court in person. This means that Matterhorn courts provide sixty-four percent more access for their citizens.

Save Time


Matterhorn saves time. Combined court staff time per hearing was 157 minutes before, compared to 27 minutes after Matterhorn.

Faster Resolution


Cases heard through Matterhorn close an average of 72% faster—from an average of 50 days before Matterhorn to just 14 days after implementation.

Matterhorn integrates with many CMS and payment systems. It is software-as-a-service.

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