MI-Resolve launch profiled on Just Court ADR blog

Nicole Wilmet from Resolution Systems Institute (RSI) spoke with Doug Van Epps and Michelle Hilliker from the Michigan Supreme Court Office of Dispute Resolution.

Van Epps is the Director of the Michigan Supreme Court’s Office of Dispute Resolution. Hilliker is the Financial and Statistical Management Analyst for the Office of Dispute Resolution. They worked with Dispute Resolution Centers in Michigan to launch the MI-Resolve platform. They shared their perspective on the online dispute resolution process and the launch with RSI’s Just Court ADR blog.

More than anything, we consider MI-Resolve to be a response to the burgeoning Access to Justice crisis in the United States, where a significant portion of the population simply cannot afford lawyers and are terrified of courts and the legal system. So we began with the cases in which lawyers are rarely present, e.g., small claims, landlord/tenant, minor general civil, and neighborhood disputes. Importantly, MI-Resolve is accessible without having to file a case in court. We are hoping that the system will help people resolve their issues “upstream” before conflicts get to the flashpoint of parties having to file in court.

Doug Van Epps and Michelle Hilliker quoted in Just Court ADR article

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