Michigan 54B District Court Resolves over 6,500 Cases Online, Efficiently

As of the end of June, 2020, Michigan’s 54B District Court had resolved over 6,500 parking and traffic citations, warrants, and pleas online. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Michigan’s 54B District Court

In a webinar in 2018, the team at 54B District Court, Judge Andrea Andrews Larkin, Court Administrator Nicole Evans, and Senior Clerks Bob Stump and Sara Cheesebro, shared about providing online access.

Among other things, Nicole Evans said:

Because the courts are charged with due process, with providing the impartial venue for a dispute, access to justice is very important, and how we do that is with the use of technology.

There really is no getting around it, so providing an online platform where it may appear to be more work, that’s going to be on the front end. It’s going to be in the initial meetings. It’s going to be addressing the initial concerns of the stakeholders, but once it’s implemented, it just runs.

It literally runs itself. It does not take us any extra time to do what we do.

Nicole Evans, Court Administrator, Michigan 54B District Court

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